Start Your Day With A Smile



This morning I made a resolution to myself ! The resolution is there itself in the title , so you all must have understood what today’s blog is all about . 

Whatever is was going on in your mind the last night , make sure when you sleep , you are tension free and relaxed . Talk to yourself , if today was not your day , tomorrow would be . Make it a point that when you get up the other morning  , the first and foremost thing one should do is to smile , and thank God for waking you up that morning. Speak within yourself that if there was a mistake made the day before , make sure it is not done the current day . Be positive , that it is gonna be your day , your happy and successful day indeed . 

Our life is a mirror , whatever action we give to it , it would revert in the same manner . So why not a smile ? Give a beautiful smile to your life . Your one step towards happiness in life will motivate it (life) to take a 100 steps in the same direction . There are may things in everyone lives to be happy about , so try to focus on those rather than cribbing on the things which one does not have .

Have a smiling day folks 🙂


All There In Our Minds

Have we ever thought of trying to do something which is not common ? Of course we must have tried at some point in our lives .

Many of us live under the impression of being lucky or unlucky . We even check our days and specify them as our lucky day or an unlucky one . But what if we change our fortune for the day ? You could indeed , as it all lies there in your gray matter .

Try fooling out your brain at times . It is that simple .

Go ahead and try out an activity today . Let us suppose that there is something qhich you find really unfortunate for yourself and you have to leave for your important work or rather not important enough , however , ya , your daily routine say .

Go and grab that so called unlucky thing of yours , which you had set in your brains in that manner and start your day with it .

Speak to your minds that no matter what , today is gonna be my day , set it in this manner , pray to God and then see the miracle happening .

Because , we are the only ones who term things in the manner of luck . If you are well focused on whatever you are doing (provided not causing harm to anyone ) , then you are going to have that blessing with you which would always lead you to the correct path in life .

So , go and give a kickstart to this wonderful week with this magical Monday !!

Have a great day lovely people 😊😊

Be Inquisitive


Ever thought how boring life could become if we do not show interest in it and let it go on its own ? Whatever we are doing , we should be doing it whole hearty and should pour our full interest in it .

Many people hesitate in asking questions on whatever they are learning . They feel that they be turned out to be fools by their fellows if they ask something that the other has already understood . This is human nature , I do not deny it , however , it is better to be a foolish once rather than remaining the same for your lifetime . If you are not clear at any point in whatever you are learning , feel more than free to ask it again and again . 

Keep your aim in such a way , that if you are learning anything in any field , you should be knowing every bit of it . So that whenever in future , you need that to make use of your knowledge , you do not have to look at other faces for the answers . 

If you are applying any formulas or something , keep doing that until and unless you solve your query.

Be inquisitive by nature , you should not feel light unless you find the answer . It should always being poking inside you to get a solution .

Gain knowledge , improve your confidence level . 

Have an Inquisitive day !!

How To Avoid Stress


Now this is a very common term which we all come across in our day today lives . Everyone wants to get rid of it , right ? But how many of us really do something to avoid it or simply vanish away this not so good term from our happy living ?

There are nowadays endless things one could do to help out themselves to live a stress free life . The only way is to figure out what suits you the best .

Some people find happiness in doing gardening , some in listening songs , some start dancing , some start playing with their gadgets , however when we look upon it , could all this give a full-time relief from stress ? All these activities you may do for an hour or two but not the whole day .

Then what should be done for an all time happiness in life ? The answer is quite simple . All this stress and tension lies in our brain . All we have to do is , speak to our minds that what if we give some time more to whatever is going which is leaving you tense . Moreover , if the stress is given by someone else , it is more than easy to ignore it . If someone is giving you something , it is up to us whether to accept or avoid it . It may be a present or might be stress .

All depends on us what we accept and what we decline .

Just make your mind in such a way that any stressful situation should not affect your inner happiness . Once our inner peace and happiness is in tact , you could challenge any stressful scenarios , whether related to financial or personal .

As I say always , our darts should be always focused on inner peace .

Have a peaceful and pleasant day folks ☺☺



The other day I came across something very interesting . Nothing much , however a lot . I learnt that how could a person learn so much from little things around .

I was simply sitting and was not in a very cheerful mood though . Suddenly found , there were things around which were not in place . So , thought of arranging them in a nice manner .
When I started doing that , I found , the place where they were supposed to be kept was really untidy . I took a rag , a wet cloth , some mats and started cleaning them .
Trust me , I was not at all in a mood to do all this , however , once I commenced the same , it involved me so much in it , that it took out more and more from me and with a smile on my face though . As if the racks were happy to be cleaned , they were happy that they are been taken care off by someone . My not so good mood turned into a cheerful one in no time doing this work of happiness.
It is all upto us how we take our lives , like this small work of cleanliness left me with immense pleasure . Similarly , if we keep cleaning our thoughts and give them a positive direction , they will also leave us smiling , you will be happy yourself that you are blessed with beautiful thoughts .
Cleanliness always leads to a better outcome , whether it is cleaning of our surroundings or it is your own thoughts and living .
Go ahead , clean something today and be cheerful .
Have a clean , tidy day !!☺☺

Never Give Up !!


Do you all know where does ones potential lacks behind ? It is not when he / she fails to do any task , it is not in the planning phase , it is not in the execution phase as well , it is therefore when one gives up , raise up his / her hands , leaves his / her will to do that task again .

It really leaves a negative impact on ones health and motivation , when the give up phase comes in between .

There is an old phase :

‘ Try try try until and unless you succeed ‘ .

It is more or less very true . Never let yourself or anyone else destroy your motive , goal to acheive the aimed tasks . It would not affect anyone else however you yourself only as it is going to keep you demotivated and that fear to do that specified task will always remain in your mind .

Always remember :

Rome was not built in a day

So come on folks , grab this Sunday oppurtunity to do something which you have been trying since long and gave up hard of trying .

Try it today !! Have a great day !! ☺☺