Down To Earth

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A person , whether male or female should be practical enough so that he / she sounds sensible in every manner .

If you are unaware of something , it is way better to stay quite instead of speaking non-sense and sounding irrelevant .

Advise when you’re asked for , do not waste your time and energy for someone or something where you could be made fun off .

 A person , to attain a respectable position in the society , should not be having pride of oneself so much that it is taken overhead . Whilst , you are confident enough in whatever you do , do not look down others as well . 

Is is vital to stay down to earth for a healthy wealthy living .

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truth-what-does-it-meanDon’t we think that to stay positive and to have an optimistic outlook towards life , it is essential to stay true , whatever may be the situation  ! Yes it is highly important . If one stays truthful , he does not have to remember it . As when we lie , to cover that we have to tell another lie , and to cover that , another comes in the queue . So the chain goes on and on and on❗❗

It is always better to stay true to first of all yourself and then to others . No matter what , you would never get entangled in any situation , no doubt truth is always bitter and you may be scared of the consequences ( if at all it reaches that level of extent ) , however , still make sure that you are truthful . A truth spoke once will keep you happy for life time , whereas , on the other hand , a lie would keep you in a state of throb all the time . 

If ever you have made a mistake , and you know it very well that you are going to be scolded hard for the same reason , still , do not run away from it , be confident enough to face it , and learn from it . Don’t hide it as one day or the other the cards are going to open up , so it is always better to face it right away than too linger it for long . 

Stay true ❗ Stay well ❗ Stay happy ❗❗❗❗❗ you will be always loved this way 😊 

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When we talk about happiness and positivity in life , first and foremost thing which should strike in our super fast running minds is staying contended. If a person is able to achieve this state of mind in which he / she is well satisfied with what so ever they are having , they are the happiest and the luckiest people on this earth .

Pacifying self is the greatest help one could offer themselves . No doubt there is n number of fantasies all around us who are waiting to attract your beautiful eyes , there are people who are always anxious to show you what they have , and what you do not . It is upon us how we perceive things around us . Trust me , there is no better way to have inner peace other than pleasing yourself with what you have is well for your well being .

When you get to know that all the things in the world are not real , they are a fallacy , it is presumed world made by people and is virtual , what real is , is what lying within you , your soul , your heart , so work to please them , rather than pleasing the outside world . They are going to benefit you more than anything else .

Stay calm , stay pleased , stay contented !!!!!!!!! And not to forget , stay tuned for more 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

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anigif_enhanced-7427-1405370621-65.gifWork should be like food to everyone in their lives . One should understand the importance of work . Like , we have to eat our food in order to avoid medicines so that medicines do not become our food in future , in the similar manner we should be seeing ‘work’.

Now , here there is a difference in what I am talking about . We do not only have to work to acquire a livelihood , anyways that is there and should be , however our main aim should be working , not necessarily in the monetary terms , any sort of work . It could be cleaning your surroundings , cooking , worshiping ,  trying different ways to explore in whatever field you like . But there should be work . Not only tangible, but also intangible work , the work which runs in our minds , in our thoughts . 

God has given us our minds to use, to make full use of it . Do not stop working in your minds . It carries utmost importance . There is no such work which you don’t learn from .

The thing is , for peace and harmony in our lives , one should be engaged in some or the sort of work . 

Now whether you work smartly or work hard , that all depends upon one’s efficiency , yes but please don’t make it hardly any work 😆🤣lol.

Our main aim is to give work to our brains and not let it sit idle and allow it to party 😀 , because our brain does not party’s the way we want it to . Hope you all understood 😊 .

Keep working , keep playing and partying with your work thoughts without stress , make sure 👍👍

Stay healthy , stay calm and of course stay tuned for more and more !!!!!!!!!!


unnamed (1).gifWhen we talk about calmness in our lives , patience pays an essential role there . One who deals everything patiently has the ability to overcome anything coming his / her way without any obstacles . 

There are different types of people all around us . Some have the hurry to do work , some just want to compete others, some do the work with lot of tension in their minds , etc . All five fingers are not same that we all know , however , we should aim at doing our tasks efficiently and calmly . 

I am not talking about doing your work slowly and getting stuck to it .

We should understand that working hastily will not only ruin the work but also lower down your efficiency and perfection in it ( work ).

We should always be communicative to our minds . What if we spend 5 more to it ? This could be in numbers , in reference to time , etc . Just say to your mind , no worries , give it another 5 . You will see how this method changes your ability to do work .

Patience will help you to deal with a stressful situation , as acting violently to it won’t help at all and also affect you adversely . Just pass the time self-restrained which is going to help you to stay in power . Increasing your internal powers is going to help you in becoming a better person as a whole .

It may sound stupid to be forbearing all time but trust me its gonna help you the most .

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Stay calm , stay patient , stay happy , not only for others , but for your good 👍